Arvoli Honey - Aged with Elderberry

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These unique mini jars of flavored honey are the perfect edition to your charcuterie boards, parties and events! 
Not too big and bulky, not too small.

Ingredients: Raw honey patiently aged with whole elderberries! This honey has a deep red coloration that adds a unique pop of color
to any food that you wish to add a tasty drizzle to. The sweetness of the honey along with the savory tartness of the elderberries makes this
flavor of honey a perfect pairing to most foods. Drizzle over fruits and nuts, cheeses and meats, crackers, EVERYTHING!

The honey is never subjected to excessive heat or pressure so the honey remains raw and unprocessed. We do not use any concentrates or
extracts, flavorings, colorings; no chemicals whatsoever. What you see is what you get with us; Raw honey patiently aged with whole herbs,
fruits and spices.


This product contains raw honey. Do not feed to infants under 12 months of age.