Brittle Brothers Gourmet Cashew Brittle

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Expected release date is Jul 15, 2022

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Years ago John Spalding had a hankering for some good Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle. Unfortunately his search only turned up brands with a lot more brittle than nuts, etc... John then decided to dust off Great-Grandma Spalding’s peanut brittle recipe from the 1860’s. After countless hours working on the recipe John found that if he substantially reduced the amount of corn syrup and sugar, while at the same time greatly increasing the amount of healthy nuts to his brittle he could produce the most amazing brittle ever made, and it would be a healthier alternative to almost all other varieties of brittle on the market…. And so it began. The Brittle Brothers’ Gourmet Brittle Company was born in the Fall of 2006, in Nashville, Tennessee… and since then they have never looked back! Just one bite of Brittle Brothers Gourmet Brittle and you instantly understand why this is truly the most delicious brittle made in America. Enjoy!!