Celebrations From a Cowgirl's Kitchen Recipe Book

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July 2016
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Celebrations from a cowgirl's kitchen is your guide to Texas fiestas, fandangos and feasts.

In Texas, from the windswept High Plains to the legendary ranching empires of the Gulf Coast, from Hill Country family farms to the urban canyons of Dallas and Houston, cowgirl has evolved as a style, an attitude and a state of mind. And Lone Star cowgirls know how to party. Making it easy, and in good taste (in every sense) is a pocket-sized, new book. Texas native Christine Gardner, event planner, caterer, food writer and TV cook, has rounded up 11 menus for festive Texas-style occasions from casual to luxe, along with blueprints for presentation and planning. From a Fourth of July Fish Fry to a Yellow Rose Garden Party, a Boots & Bling Barbecue or an haute-Texas Cattleman's Cocktail Party, Gardner offers cowgirl entertaining with ease and style. More than 80 recipes for contemporary Texas temptations like Watermelon-Lime Rickey, Big Bold BBQ Layered Dip, Crawfish-and-Cornbread-Stuffed Mushrooms, Shrimp Tostadas With Grapefruit Salsa, Bourbon-Braised Short Ribs, Grilled Green-Tomato Caprese Salad, Banana Bread Trifle and Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake offer plenty of ways to express your inner cowgirl.

This pocket sized book is excellent as a add on to a Texas gift basket

Author: Christine Gardner

A portion of the proceeds benefits: National Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

Number of pages: 144

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Savory House Press