Dizzy Pig BBQ IPA Hop Infused Craft Rub

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In 2015, Dizzy Pig broke into uncharted territory and developed the first ever seasoning blend to take advantage of the flavorful world of hops! Hops impart flavor characteristics such as citrus, pine, fruit, herb and flower notes to beer and ale, but oddly enough, are usually overlooked when it comes to flavoring food.

Hops, like spices, add layers of richness to cooking. Though our IPA seasoning is not just for craft beer connoisseurs, our first release of this unique seasoning proved to be a big hit among those who love craft microbrews, and hop-heads everywhere.

It turns out that whether you love beer, BBQ, or both, then IPA is for you.

Cooking with Hops:

Hops are the female flower of the hop plant, and they’ve been used in beer making since the around 1000AD. They not only add a pleasant bitterness and flavor to beer, but they also have natural anti-bacterial properties that help keep beers and ales fresh for longer periods of time.

The worldwide craft beer revolution is going strong, and there have never been as many varieties of hops available. Every year there are new hybrids that tout flavor notes from strawberry to grapefruit to a robust piney flavor. It is quite an exciting time for hops, and for our latest creation, we took full advantage of the wide variety available to us. Our friends at DuClaw Brewing and Chris worked together with a number of hops before discovering the perfect variety to take this blend to new heights.

  • 8 oz. shaker bottle
  • 100% natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Food allergy friendly
  • Nutrition facts - see picture
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Dizzy Pig BBQ Recipes

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