Dizzy Pig BBQ Jamacian Firewalk Rub

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The Jamaican Firewalk recipe was inspired by "jerk" marinade, it is best on meats that are normally jerked. Chicken, shrimp, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, pork chops, steaks, fish and veggies are all good candidates for a coating of Firewalk.

Based on island jerk, Jamaican Firewalk has a hefty kick of heat rounded out by a citrusie tang and just a hint of the powerful and often overused Jamaican Allspice berries. This is a spicy rub!

Our favorite on:Chicken, ribs and shrimp.

8.1 oz. jar     

In the world of barbecuing and grilling, (and in the kitchen) a rub is the blend of herbs, spices, sugars, salts and peppers that, when applied to a food's exterior and cooked, create that marvelous outer crust barbecue is famous for. A rub is an integral part of the entire cook, as it is the lead impression when you take that first bite of food. It can impart intense heat, mellow sweetness, lip-smacking saltiness or a 'What is that wonderful flavor?' uniqueness...sometimes all of these sensations coming from a single rub!


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