Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub Raging River - BBQ Spice Seasoning

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Dizzy Pig BBQ Raging River Rub, while designed for salmon, is really an all purpose rub that seems to have very few limits.  Salmon/Pork/Poultry herb Seasoning with a hint of maple.  Maple sugar, fresh ground black peppercorns, lemon peel, orange peel and a perfectly balanced array of herbs and spices will transform your salmon in ways you never imagined.  The flavor is slightly sweet but complex with definite citrus notes.

7.5 oz. shaker bottle

Good on salmon, poultry, pork, seafood, beef, mushrooms, potatoes, lamb, game, veal, and all veggies. good in the kitchen in chowders, stir fries, potato salad, roasted nuts, cole slaw, or whatever!

In the world of barbecuing and grilling, (and in the kitchen) a rub is the blend of herbs, spices, sugars, salts and peppers that, when applied to a food's exterior and cooked, create that marvelous outer crust barbecue is famous for. A rub is an integral part of the entire cook, as it is the lead impression when you take that first bite of food. It can impart intense heat, mellow sweetness, lip-smacking saltiness or a 'What is that wonderful flavor?' uniqueness...sometimes all of these sensations coming from a single rub!