Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub Tsunami Spin Seasoning

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 Dizzy Pig BBQ Tsunami Spin rub is probably the most unique offering, and depends on several mid and far eastern influences for its special flavor. The sesame seeds give it a buttery mouth feel and help to build a beautiful crust, and the aromatic spices come through with a well balanced splash of flavor.

Tsunami Spin offers up a carnival of flavors, with clear Asian influence. Its unique slightly spicy and flowery fresh tones are a perfect complement to the natural flavor of poultry, seafood and veggies. An exciting blend of both common and exotic ingredients, Tsunami Spin provides a tidal wave of tingly tastes with just a little heat. Our favorite on: Chicken, duck, seafood and veggies.  

7.6 oz. jar          

In the world of barbecuing and grilling, (and in the kitchen) a rub is the blend of herbs, spices, sugars, salts and peppers that, when applied to a food's exterior and cooked, create that marvelous outer crust barbecue is famous for. A rub is an integral part of the entire cook, as it is the lead impression when you take that first bite of food. It can impart intense heat, mellow sweetness, lip-smacking saltiness or a 'What is that wonderful flavor?' uniqueness...sometimes all of these sensations coming from a single rub!