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Treat yourself to the decadence of a perfectly baked homemade pecan pie without a hint of hassle with Pecan Pie in a Jar.

Each jar contains a perfectly proportioned mix of high-quality ingredients which, when combined with butter and eggs, transform into a delicious pecan pie filling. Just pour into a pie shell and bake!

Pecan Pie is a very delicious pie, but it can be a bit of a bear to make from scratch. They're also fairly expensive to purchase pre-made from the grocery store. Pecan Pie in a Jar is the perfect compromise. All you need to add is butter and eggs!

With Pecan Pie in a Jar, creating a mouthwatering pecan pie is astoundingly easy. Simply combine the contents of the jar with a few eggs and butter, pour into a pie shell, bake, and eat! So easy and so delicious!

Each American-made Pecan Pie in a Jar has enough filling for up to two 8" pies or 1 - 9 inch pie.

  • Pecan Pie in a Jar can make either one nine-inch deep dish pie or two regular eight-inch pies
  • Ingredients: Sugar, dark corn syrup, light corn syrup, pecans, natural flavor, and salt.
  • Instructions: See pictures above
  • Nutrition - See pictures above
  • 1 - 22 ounce jar


  • Remove jar lid and microwave for 1 minute . This allows the filling to be removed easily from the jar.

In large mixing bowl:

  • Beat 3 eggs with a fork for One 9" deep dish pie or use 4 eggs for Two 8" regular pies.  Beat until the yolk and white are mixed.
  • Add: (optional) 4 Tablespoons of melted margarine or butter.
  • Stir: Filling into the eggs and blend until well mixed.
  • Pour: into prepared pie shell ( see below)
  • Bake: 9" deep dish pie in oven at 300 degrees for 1 hr and 20 min  or two regular 8" pies at 300 degrees for 50 minutes.
  • Shake the pie slightly to check for doneness. Center should move like set gelatin.  Pie will fall after removing from the oven. You may carefully level the pecans as it falls.

Pie Crust:  If using a prepared purchased pie crust follow the instructions on the package.  If using a homemade pie crust - pre bake pie shell in oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes before adding filling.

Complete instructions under label on top of jar.