Real Made Organic Apple and Coconut Overnight Oats

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Real made organic apple and coconut overnight oats, 2.12 bag or 5 pack box. We combine thick-cut organic rolled oats with just
the right amount of dried bananas, dates, coconut, chia, and yes organic coffee. All you have to do is add your favorite milk or nut milk and
soak overnight in the fridge.



  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS - Maker Oats is now Real Made Oats. Our Overnight Oats contain only high quality ingredients you can pronounce.


They are dairy free and soy free, and USDA Organic Non-GMO Project Verified and Vegan Action Certified.




  • NO SUGAR ADDED - Real Made Overnight Oats are sweetened only with dried organic fruits nuts and spices, never added sugars or


Artificial sweeteners. So you'll have sustained energy to power through your day without a carb crash.




  • EASY TASTY NUTRITION - Each serving of our organic oats contains 7 grams of heart healthy oat fiber 5 grams of protein and super foods


Including almonds chia seeds and cinnamon. Our individual pouches are perfect for home work or travel.




  • NO COOKING, NO CLEAN UP - Put down those instant oatmeal cups. Add your favorite nut milk soy or dairy milk at night and wake up to


Delicious hearty organic rolled oats with sweet apples and coconut. Savor cold or gently heat.




  • GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS - Real Made Overnight Oats are inherently gluten free. But during our harvesting and manufacturing process,


Stray gluten-containing grains may come into contact with our oats. Therefore we can't claim they are all gluten-free.